Friday, May 20, 2011


sorry i been slackin on the blog,i have no excuse.been busy workin on an internet tv show.its gonna be a funny show about motorcycles,and other hillarious hyjinx with me mark my sons and thier friends.i been workin on 2 strokes lately,namely the 1979 yz 100,got it for free,got it runnin like a top,and it goes like hell!
also got the rotax racer frame back from dennis at circle f,so i can go like hell on buildin the bonneville racer.gotta get it done by august so we can do the land speed record thing.
the tank is one i built for my sons pocket racer/chopper thing,i made that whole tank in 5 hours....not too shabby!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

iron heable

so mark pretty much got the rotax 650 done,couple misc things left to do,the pics of the oldsmobile i put up so if your lookin for any parts,we are gonna part it not really sure i want to,cuz the car aint in too bad a shape.

beard update

Monday, April 11, 2011

more stuff

not too much a couple honda 90'sthey'r both really nice,should get em runnin pretty quick

Sunday, April 10, 2011

creativity and artistry

ok, no pictures today,or maybe since lately there's been some contention about creativity and what-not. i ve been thinking about it and trying to figure out why i get a little aggravated when people refer to us as being an "artist" or "your so creative!".now,why would this aggravate you? well,im gonna try and explain that.
creativity isnt really that difficult,remember when you were a kid and you'd sit there at the kitchen table drawing cars or whatever,in your mind you could see what you wanted something to look like. so you drew it, that in my opinion is arguably the creative part of your brain putting something on paper.its your opinion of what something should look like.
now,pretty much anybody has those opinions. i see a motorcycle or car,and in my brain i see what i think it should look like to be "cool". so if it got left at that,no one would say "your so creative!"
being able to excecute an idea in the real world and do a nearly perfect job of it requires great skill and alot of time and practice. i dont care what it is, if its framing a house,you are looking at a drawing, taking that and building it out of wood to look like said drawing. some can do it,but they do a lousy job of it,but it serves its purpose,but i wouldnt look at it and call it "art". others can do the same thing, and do such a perfect job,all the compound cuts fit perfect,hip rafters flow into the ridge-beams without a single airgap in the cut. i can walk into a framed house and look at that and it screams out art to me.
so, is the guy who framed it an artist? i dont know...but i sure as hell think he's more of an artist than someone who dips a paintbrush,then splatters it on a canvas,then tells everyone how hard they worked on that piece.
so whats my point you ask? well,i think people throw around the words creativity and artist a little too loosely. i think way more credit goes to people who are willing to come up with an idea,then be willing to do the time to excecute something amazing.
i could go on and on about this,but it is so simple.time is the spend enough time on something, even if at the end of it all,even if you had no intention of it being an "artpiece"...there are those of us out there that will look at it,our mouths will drop open, and we'll say "wow, thats art!"

Saturday, April 9, 2011